In Mould Labelling

In an ever growing sector like packaging, IML decoration would be the first choice to project the brand image of products. IML decorated thin wall containers are suitable for storage conditions, deep freezing, microwave and are used for food and FMCG products world over.

Mold-Tek Packaging Limited introduced IML decorated packaging for the first time in India. IML uses Robots that place preprinted labels in the molds before molding the plastic flow into the mold below the label thereby fusing the label while molding itself. The technique produces outstanding picture quality and everlasting decoration that cannot be removed.


Advantages of IML

  • IML offers outstanding quality decoration, and picture quality.
  • Photographic quality and complete container coverage.
  • Label becomes an integral part of the pail and offers a no-label look with high scratch resistance.
  • IML operations are hands free as all handling is done by ROBOTS. Packaging is hygienic and suitable for D2F (Direct to fill) operations.
  • Improves barrier properties -helps extend the shelf life of the filled goods.
  • Label has better heat, moisture and chemical resistance than other types of decoration.
  • Affordability – eliminates costly and messy secondary processes.

Integrated & Cost effective IML solutions

Mold-Tek has set up in house robot manufacturing, mold and label manufacturing and die-cutting machines to enable quick production of IML containers. This gives Mold-Tek flexibility and complete cost control.

  • Lower prices for IML decoration complying with international standards.
  • Quick delivery, customizability and maintenance.
  • No dependency on imports- in-house labels, robots & mold manufacture and maintenance.

Complete Backward Integration

With state of the art in-house tool room and facilities for Mold Design & Manufacture, Robots Manufacturing, IML Label Manufacturing and Injection Molded container production, we offer high quality products and end to end service at competitive prices without any down time or dependency on imports. From product inception to Mold designing, processing and decorating the products, we cover the entire spectrum of services.

Robot manufacture

Mold-Tek installed Robots from Taiwan in 2010-11 and mastered the IML Decoration Technology. By 2011-12, MTPL installed In house printing facilities to manufacture IML labels for the first time in the country.

MTPL’s world-class tool room and highly experienced engineers have achieved a major milestone by making robots in-house with more features than imported ones.

MTPL has established and proved its capability in engineering eight cavity fast cycle Hot runner Molds and Robots for production of IML decorated small containers (100 to 1000 ml) for food and FMCG applications.

3D Rendering

3D rendering enables the creation of ‘virtual’ product in 3D form just after conceptualization of the packaging. This enables clients to visualize exactly how the product will look in the package, on the shelf, and in the store.

Our team works closely with the client to understand their requirements and suggests innovative packaging ideas with respect to design, decoration and consumer friendly features. 3D animated videos of the proposed designs and prototypes are submitted to make decision making easier for the clients.

Heat Transfer Labeling

Heat transfer labeling is a process where the design is printed on the release layer of a label. Upon application of heat, it is transferred on to the container.

Advantages of Heat Transfer Labelling

  • Post molding operation involves different machines
  • Heat Transfer labeling gives 80% coverage of print on the product.

Mold-Tek has in house heat transfer labeling facilities and also label-printing facilities.

Shrink Sleeving

Shrink sleeving is a technique where the label is slipped onto the container and upon heating, the label shrinks and fits the container snugly. The aesthetics and picture resolutions are better than screen printing. Shrink sleeves have a maximum decoration area that wraps around an entire product.

Mold-Tek has in-house capability to manufacture shrink sleeves and offers the best decoration that caters to clients’ needs and budgets.

Benefits of Shrink sleeves


Shrink sleeve labels are reverse printed on transparent shrink film, sealing the inks safely. This protects the graphics from the marring and tearing.

Visual Branding

Can be custom printed with full color photographic images that wrap 360 degrees around the entire container. Unlike conventional labels, there are no space limitations and shrink sleeve labels allow for better innovation in presenting brand identity, specialty promotions and product information.

Tamper Free

Shrink sleeves also provide tamper free evidence by protecting lids and tops. A full body shrink sleeve can perform as a tamper evident security seal on a product container

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process where ink is squeezed through exposed screen to the surface of the product. Screen printing is very economical when compared to other decoration options. Mold-Tek has automatic screen printing which ensures better alignment of different colors. It is suitable for paints and lubricant pails but is not preferred for food and FMCG product containers.

This is a very flexible printing technology, with no limitations on the thickness and nature of the material on which the printing will be carried out.

Benefits of Screen Printing


Screen printing process can apply very heavy ink coverage, resulting in a long-lasting design. This method, if used on certain coatings and additives ensures that the ink is resistant to harsh environment for years without fading.


Screen printing process is useful in applying long-lasting images to virtually any printable surface like foam board, metal, glass, fabric, vinyl, rigid plastic and many others.


It is an effective and economical printing methodology.