Mold-Tek Packaging Limited is involved in the manufacturing of injection-molded containers for lubes. These containers are completely leak proof since they are made as a single unit. These lubes are tamper evident due to our patented locking system.

They have extremely attractive aesthetics with exquisite decoration to project the product. Due to compact size and mold design, these containers are easy to store and stack. There are also many end user benefits because of secondary uses of pails and plastic containers.


S.No Product size Pail Weight (Grms) Lid Weight (Grms) Handle Weight (Grms) Shape Present industry
1 25 Ltr flat &spout 810±25 230±20 90±5 Round Lube & Chemicals
2 20 Ltr spout 730±20 220±15 60±5 Round Lube
3 15 Ltr spout 560±20 185±15 58±5 Round Lube
4 10 Ltr spout 425±20 160±15 38±5 Round Lube
5 8.5 Ltr spout 390±20 145±15 38±5 Round Lube
6 7.5 Ltr spout 325±20 122±15 28±5 Round Lube
7 6.5 Ltr spout 280±20 122±15 22±5 Round Lube
8 5 Ltr spout 230±20 85±15 22±5 Round Lube
S.No Product size Pail Weight (Grms) Lid Weight (Grms) Handle Weight (Grms) Shape Present industry
1 20 Kg (Flat) 810±25 230±20 90±5 Round Grease
2 18 Kg (Flat) 730±20 220±15 60±5 Round Grease
3 12 Kg (Flat) 615±20 215±15 58±5 Round Grease
4 10 Kg (Flat) 430±20 155±15 38±5 Round Grease
5 7 Kg (Flat) 325±20 115±15 28±5 Round Grease
6 5 Kg (Flat) 230±20 76±6 24±3 Round Grease
7 3 Kg (Flat) 145±20 53±7 9±1 Round Grease
8 2 Kg (Flat) 110±20 27±3 NA Round Grease & Poultry


Mold-Tek is India’s leading packaging specialist for paints. Our outstandingly wide range includes numerous sizes in all shapes. Mold-Tek’s containers are stackable, rest securely on the pallet and can be used in a shaker.

Be it classic oval, rectangular or square in shape: The broad front of our paint buckets provides the perfect advertising space. Our decoration processes such as In Mold Labeling will improve your brand recall value and have a positive effect on sales. These pails are provided with tamper proof lids so as to ensure complete safety against adulteration. The plastic pails are available as straight walled and tapered wall in industrial and food grade quality. Numerous optional accessories, such as paint roller screens, tinting plugs and recessed lids – for example, to accommodate a sponge – make your product even more attractive for the consumer. Promotion covers increase the success of sales campaigns.


S.No Product size Pail Weight (Grms) Lid Weight (Grms) Handle Weight (Grms) Shape Present industry
1 20 Kg Flat & Tin Tin Lid 560±20 220±15 60±5 Round Paint & Food
2 10 Kg Flat & Tin Tin Lid 325±20 112±10 45±5 Round Paint & Ink
3 5 Kg Flat & Tin Tin Lid 160±10 60±5 8±1 Round Paint
4 2 Kg 90±5 38±5 4±1 Round Paint
5 1 Kg 54±5 26±4 NA Round Paint
S.No Product size Pail Weight (Grms) Lid Weight (Grms) Handle Weight (Grms) Shape Present industry
1 20 Ltr Flat & Tin Tin Lid 765±20 215±15 60±5 Round Paint & Food
2 10 Ltr Flat & Tin Tin Lid 430±20 160±15 38±5 Round Paint & Food
3 4 Ltr Flat & Tin Tin Lid 210±15 45±3 10±1 Round Paint & Food
4 1 Ltr 62±5 20±3 NA Round Paint & Agro Chemicals


Mold-Tek has latest technology and experience in manufacturing food packaging for automatic filling. Our packaging program for food covers all volumes and satisfies the wishes of both bulk consumers and end consumers. All Mold-Tek plants comply with a strict quality and hygiene management system that is monitored and evaluated by independent auditors. Mold-Tek is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 Standards certified company.

Ice Cream

Mold-Tek ice cream packs have photo-realistic labels on the lid and container walls that promise a lavish ice cream experience. Optional transparent material reveals the delicious contents inside the container. We offer various highly convenient shapes and sizes for ice cream with an eye-catching appearance through IML technology. They are naturally suitable for the freezer and have a good impact resistance.

Drink Powders

In terms of decoration, Mold-Tek’s capability to execute the in mold labeling process allows a spectacular visual brand presentation. In the re-closable roto lock packaging, powders of any type stays fresh and clean longer. They cannot break, be dented or rust. They can be stacked for transport and are quiet in the production run.

Dairy Products

Mold-Tek has been an expert partner of the dairy industry by serving clients like Amul and Mother Dairy. Every day we supply thousands of containers to dairies across India. Both end consumers and downstream users use our buckets and tubs for dairy produce. Tamper-evident closures and sealing options provide the product with additional protection. All these features along with the IML decoration make the packaging extremely attractive.

Edible Oils

Edible Oil and Ghee sector's greatest challenges is to ensure the integrity & quality of packed product until it reaches end-consumers. Given the vast distribution network, industries face tough challenges from gray market, brand mimics, adulteration issues apart from content pilferage.
Bt Combining design innovation and most advanced un-imitatable decoration, MOLD-TEK has come up with IML Containers giving 100% safety against counterfeiting while drastically improving PACK branding & retail appearance.


S.No Product size Pail Weight (Grms) Lid Weight (Grms) Handle Weight (Grms) Shape Present industry
1 100 ML 7.5±1 2.5±0.5 NA Round Food & Pharma
2 100 GMS 8.5±1 4±0.5 NA Round Food
3 125 ML 8.5±1 2.5±0.5 NA Round Food
4 500 ML 22.5±2 5.5±1 NA Round Food
5 1000 ML 45±3 11±1 3±0.6 Round Food
7 400 ML 18.5±2 5.5±1 NA Round Food
8 460 ML 20±2 9±1 NA Round Food


We also provide Bulk containers for bulk drugs, chemicals and food. Our range of products come in various shapes for you to choose from.


S.No Product size Pail Weight (Grms) Lid Weight (Grms) Handle Weight (Grms) Shape Present industry
1 50 Ltr Flat 1680±50 365±20 200±15 Round Chemicals
2 34 Ltr Flat 970±25 305±20 175±15 Round Chemicals